Eco-Friendly Fashion for the Earthly Divine, Active, & Eco-Centered

Venm as an acronym stands for Virgin Excavated Natural Material. It is a term used in the environmental world to reference soil in its most natural, pure, and “virgin” state. Venm is untouched by human hands. It is pristine and pollution free. 

Fashioned to fit your environmentally conscious lifestyle, Venm is committed to add valueto your zero waste, plastic free, minimalist, and low carbon footprint journey and goals. Venm's eco-wear uses sustainable fabric that is fashionable and functional. The fibers of its high performance and moisture wicking fabric are made from recycled PET plastic and its designer prints are copyrighted exclusively for the Venm LLC brand. Venm is gym, dance, yoga, workout, and water sports friendly.

Venm’s tops and bottoms are ethically and domestically made of domestic materials. We say no to gas guzzling carbon-emitting logistics. Our athletic wear is made from recycled PET plastic and organic materials. This allows us to lower our carbon emissions during production and keep our clothing pesticide free. Using recycled plastic also keeps single use plastics out of landfills and waterways where they will never biodegrade. Unlike traditional printing processes, Venm’s designer prints produce zero water waste. Instead of a using a conventional liner, select tops are double layered and reversible, helping you minimize your closet space and consume less by increasing your wear on one item of clothing. All finishings, including hangtags, wrapping, and packaging are made from recycled material. We are proud to partner alongside facilities with strong environmental commitments embracing those that reclaim their energy and water, are landfill-free, or reuse and reduce waste.

A Message From VENM's Founder

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science/M.B.A., I started off as a project manager in an environmental laboratory and later worked for a leading Australian waste management company - committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, regulatory compliance, and the protection and enhancement of the environment. I've witnessed first hand the environmental degradation caused by the conscious decisions of man and industry, however what scares me the most, are the collective contributions we all make to exacerbate earth's degradation unknowingly. Everyday we make purchasing and consumption decisions that help pollute or preserve our earth. Pollution isn't pretty. However, through venm, recycling and being environmentally conscious can be.